About Michael

Why Is Michael Different

I am a playful dork, a very strong leader, and extremely passionate about everything I set my mind to. My favorite problems in the world are unsolvable. They give me the opportunity to study them, break them down into smaller and smaller fragments until we have feasible tasks that allow us to baby-step our way to accomplishing the impossible.

The tools I employ are simple. Lots of sticky notes for contextual inquiry style research or journey mapping, a cell phone for building relationships, R for analyzing enormous data sets, and Tableau for communicating what I find. Still, tools are just an extension of one’s mind and it is my desire to understand and improve this world we live in that is my greatest asset. Not only can I help my teammates and clients articulate their vision and collaborate with development team to execute them, but I can also delight them during the process.

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Northern Michigan University

Northern Michigan University

Bachelor of Science - Mathematics & Philosophy
August 2001 to August 2005

As a dual major in Mathematics and Philosophy, I blazed a new trail at NMU. Classical and non-classical logics are a primary interest of mine and studied by Mathematicians and Philosophers alike. They serve as a foundation to computer science, cryptography, and predictive analytics.